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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Donald Trump! Really?

Now, I know I haven’t blogged in maybe a year or two. But forget about the past. It is already 2016 people. So, I wanted to talk to you about Donald Trump.

How can you even get rid of all Muslims? That doesn't make sense. First of all, by getting rid of all Muslims that’s saying that practicing that religion is bad. 

Also Mr. Trump, you are not a politician. Sit your booty down. (You too Ben Carson.)

Oh yeah and Donald Trump: How exactly are you going to get all Muslims out of America? Wouldn’t that cause maybe … the world’s BIGGEST traffic jam?! I mean come on – let’s get real. Now let’s see about our border with Mexico. When I heard this, I knew Donald Trump was racist. I’m also hoping he’s just saying this to get elected, and won’t really do all of this.

He said Mexicans are coming into America and they’re rapists, drug dealers and criminals. Did you hear about when Trump supporters beat up a Mexican? They were all white. With all of Trump’s money, I would not be surprised if he was brainwashing these people.

Well, I think I’ve analyzed enough of Trump’s “ideas” for now. See you later. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


We went to the Tysons Corner Hilton hotel in Virginia before the holidays last year.When we checked in, the hotel gave me a bed with a pillow and beautiful pink satin blanket for my American Girl doll Cecile. They also had a book featuring some of my doll's story and the American Girl DVD "McKenna" waiting for me in the room.


I hadn't even seen my doll yet though, Mommy surprised me with her the day we checked in. Rooms for the American Girl package were just too cool. It also includes: turn-down service with some really good gourmet chocolates and free breakfast for kids. Mommy said the hotel had a van that would take us to the store, but we drove.  


There was even a relaxation kit with all kinds of goodies for my Mom. 

During the hairstyling class at the Tysons AG.


The next morning we went to Tysons Corner mall's American Girl store's Doll Hair Salon for a hairstyling class. There was a long line of girls outside waiting to get into the store before the class too. 


Inside there was a bistro (fancy name for a restaurant) it even had stick on seats for the dolls. It was magical!


Girls tell your Moms about this!!!!!!!

With my new AG doll bed at the Hilton Tysons Mclean.

The book, movie and DVD player that were waiting for us in the room.

Mommy holding Cecile outside the Hilton. Watch out for the flames!

Cecile and I pose at the Tyson AG store.

Cecile wanted a picture with her buddy.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toriezo, South Africa

This is my tent that is still in progress. It's where I hide from any intruders and do battle for my kingdom of Toriezo! My enemy is North Africa. 

My emperor is Sir Uncle Butch, who was hit in battle and I must go save him.

 I rip through the tall, dry grass and battle the giant lions. And finally I come to North Africa and kick butt. I do this with my trusty sidekick Minnie the monkey and save the emperor. Hooray!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Visiting the dentist

Going to the dentist has always been fun for me. And so is my new dentist Dr. George at Cobblestone Kids.

It seems far away because it's downtown but it's worth it. When you walk in the door you see a big flat-screen TV on the wall. It's painted in bright colors and the people who work there are really nice.

But I run over to the side that has the Xbox 360. You can play Lego Batman on it while you sit on chairs that look like big white teeth. Among the toys in the room There's a orange toy monster truck and a spot to make a toy burger. There's also puzzles and toys for babies.

When Dr. George's helpers call you in from the waiting room you see a machine with lots of prizes in it.

Then you walk into the room with the exam chair, which is really long. When you wait for Dr. George, there are toy cars in the corner to play with.

Right on top of the exam chair is a TV so that you won't think about the pointy things the doctor and his helpers are putting into your mouth. They explainedy what they were doing in my mouth so I wouldn't be scared. But I was still scared a little bit. They took pictures through my cheeks of my teeth. I just watched Nemo on the screen though so I would stay calm. And before I knew it -- the exam was over.

When you get your teeth cleaned you can pick what flavor is used. They have chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry -- and I picked strawberry.

When they were done, they called my mom into the room and told her everything about my teeth. And I don't have any cavities.

While Dr. George talked to my mom, they gave me a coin so I could get something out of the prize machine. I got a bracelet during my first visit and a bouncy ball the second visit.

Overall, I would recommend Dr. George and Cobblestone Kids at 1352 South Street #C5 Philadelphia, PA 19147.
Give them a call at: 267-909-9551

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 everyone! It's my first post of the year and my first one in a little bit, so I have a lot to catch up on.

Santa gave me everything I asked for pretty much except for a baby brother or sister. Mommy says to forget that, but I still asked for it. I love my new Barbie house, Ken doll and new doll clothes. The best was the remote-control car. I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can play with it every day outside.

So I had a cool Christmas and got to go back to Virginia with Mommy for a few days. And there were more presents there for me. She took me to work with her on Christmas day. Funny seeing so many people working on a holiday.

Here are some of the photos that me and my Mommy took while we were at USA TODAY. (All of the ones of me, Mommy did. I took the rest.) It's a pretty fun place with a lot of toys around. I even found a couch that had my name on it -- but it was spelled T-O-R-Y. I got to help Mommy edit stuff and take pages to some of the other editors.

I have a lot more to catch everyone up on and a lot more pictures. So see you soon.

Peace out.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

One of my favorite places: Chestnut Hill

I like Chestnut Hill because I always see lots of dogs up and down the street and they're always SO cute!

Also, there's a shop that has goodies for dogs and there's usually one dog who's there. He's black and he has curly hair and green eyes. I don't know his name, but he's super cute.
Unidentified dog at the pet goodie store in Chestnut Hill.
Some of the goodies for pets at the store.

There's also O'Doodles, which is a toy store that sells cool and funny things. It has a big train hanging from the ceiling with a teddy bear in it, animal banks, cars, Legos, stuffed animals, jewelry, clothes, bags, craft kits, board games, books and even real frogs in small aquariums. It even has stuff for grown-ups. The last time I went there was for a reading of Swankypants by Diana C. Vickery. There was a tea party with lots of cookies and cupcakes. The book has fairies and cats.

 Swankypants author Diana Vickery reads to me on Nov. 12, 2012 at O'Doodles.

Another time I went to Chestnut Hill my Mommy and I did the "Trail of the Lorax." It was almost like a scavenger hunt for stickers and free stuff. I would tell other people to check it out next year.
I got to hug the Cat in the Hat during "Trail of the Lorax" on Chestnut Hill.

Stay cool.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My first NABJ convention

I was initially bored with my Friday during the 2011 NABJ convention in Philadelphia because my Mommy was busy with the elections. She did a lot of "shh Torie" in the elections room while I played my DS, but she snuck in a couple of forehead kisses so that I knew she wasn't ignoring me. Everyone was so serious, but I had fun playing with my virtual dogs on my DS, they make me giggle. Everywhere I went that day around the convention center people gave me candy or sweets. It was the coolest! Mommy was so busy that she didn't see everything that I ate.

By the time we got through all the elections results and press meeting, I was confused because I thought Mommy was running. Her and Miss Melanie did all that work and then they don't even win anything -- I don't understand.

But then I was TOO excited about the night's Disney party because I was hoping to meet the real Mickey Mouse. But yet another disappointment, no Mickey, no Minnie, not even Goofy. But I got a cool Disney wrist band that lights up and Mommy gave me hers to give to my cousin-friend Raemeer. The best part was when a very cute guy got me to dance on the floor. Mommy wanted to go, but this was the best part of the WHOLE day.

Thanks NABJ -- on to Nawlins next year!